Meet Some of the Crew and Their Scooters

It is very handy to put a face to a scooterist and their scooter. If you ride with us a bit, we would love to have your mug shot and some info on this page.
To get yourself added here please send us an email with some info about yourself and a photo. Use the bio below as a rough guide.

Neil Bilsbury Name: Neil Bilsbury
Scooter: PX211, Malossi Kit, Worb 5 Head, ScootRS Chamber
Note: Always been interested in vespas, British and Italian bikes thanks to my father.  Had one ride on "Prunes Powney's" bike and handed over the cash within a week for a new PX.
Use the bike as often as I can to ride to work, 10,000km within a year.  I can often been found in the garage shouting for my partner Charlie's help.  She can now hold the back end of the vespa up for more than 45 seconds!!  While I cry to the God of Skinned Knuckles!! Looking forward to Scoot friendly weather.
Bruce Pollock Name: Bruce Pollock
Scooter: Rosetta the GTS250
Note: “It’s not the destination but the journey”,  love those words as it reflects my scootering ethos.
Usually will have a roadside mechanic’s kit with me on rides, seems to be a must have on these old machines. Cell phones and tow ropes are included.
Best ride ­ Lambretta caning up the pig route and back to base at dusk.
Worst ­ the West Coast wet! Nov 2006. So much for wet weather gear!
See yah at Joe's Garage every last Sunday!
Mike Beckingham Name: Mike Beckingham "Joe 90"
Scooter: 2005 Gilera Runner VXR 200
Note: 26300 km's, great wee bike just had ECU Replaced 130+ top speed but comfortable round 110. Best trip was Wanaka New Year 06-07 went down the West coast and did 2100 km in 2 weeks between CHC and Mataura, while staying at Glendhu Bay which is 12 km round the lake from Wanaka (Great Place)
Steve Wall Name: Steve Wall
Scooter: Vespa GTS250
Note: I get so bored when I have to drive a cage now days and just can't understand why everyone isn't on two wheels. Lane splitting is a great way to wake up in the morning and there is ALWAYS scooter parking by the front door, it doesn't matter where you are!!
Pete Name:Pete
Chalky Name: James "Chalky"
Scooter: 180SS, Nzeta
Mark Name: Mark
Scooter: a few in the stable
Note: Always something running and a few not ...
Name: Toby
Scooter: 86 T5 / PX125 E cross, Red, fast - also a very intermittent 1963 Vespa 90!
Note: You may not see me at meets, as I'll be so far ahead of the pack! Just kidding, My Red T5 has a top speed of about 126kph, and a bottom speed of about 60 kph! It has been reliable as salt until the exhaust broke off after the 1250km slog around the South Island in November 2006. My other scooter, the Standard 90 has a 4 speed ss90 engine and gearbox, but is legendarily unreliable - working pefectly one day (106kph down the sumner hill) and scrap metal the next (stranding me at work). So you will probably not see it at meetings. Also have a black 1999 reproduction 125 cc Et3 primavera.
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