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Recent Events
2015 Show Weekend Ride
"North of the South" was the theme for 20015. Kaikoura, Havelock via Blenheim, Nelson Murchison and home

Thanks to Simon and Craig for sharing their pics


2014 Show Weekend Ride
This year we headed off through back roads to Timaru, Waimate, Kurow, Tekapo and home.

The photos of the weekend away on the road are right below, enjoy. Thanks to Jason and Craig for sharing their pics


2014 Mods and Rockers
2014 Mods and Rockers was hosted by First European (you might know them from their ‘Street and Sport’ days). Bit of a different format this year and good turn out on both sides meant for a great afternoon.
We met down at First European to start with, bit of a catch up and check out the bikes. We then headed off a loop around the inner city before heading thru the tunnel to Lyttleton and around the inner Harbour, over Gebes pass and around to Tai Tapu. All that thirsty riding meant an ale or two went down a treat. Bit more hanging out and talking and we had a few of the good old games. Even dodgy scoring couldn’t prevent the Mods from coming out victorious again!

The idea then was to head back into town and adjourn to Smash Palace for a Bodgie or two. This was taken as a pretty good idea and we had a good turn out back at the bar.
All in all a fun afternoon with some riding and plenty of laughs.
Big thanks to First European for putting the whole thing on, and also to all you mods who fronted up and did us proud.

We are, we are , we are the MODS!


2013 Canscoot Show Weekend Ride
Big thanks to Mike for putting together the plan for this years annual ride. We started in Lincoln and took the scenic route to Hanmer, where we stayed for a couple of nights. Day two was a trip loop over to the West coast to Reefton and back and then day three we head home, some directly some not so much.

The idea behind choosing this location was to offer the opportunity for people to join in for all 3 days, or just 1 or 2 of days.

There were plenty of options on all days depending on how much time you had, whether you love the gravel or need to avoid it, and a whole lot of in between. It was good to see people take advantage of these options and join in for various parts or all of the weekend.


Not So Recent Events
2013 Mods and Rockers - March
Steet and Sport again hosted the annual Mods and Rockers winter rumble. Numbers weren't so flash for the Mods this year, that and some dodgy scoring meant the Rockers have another plaque on the shield. Never the less it was a fun afternoon and plenty of laughs were had. Thanks again to Simon for a few of the photos.


Monthly Ride - March
Easter Sunday saw the rain clear and bunch of us head out to the Peninsular for the afternoon.
Coffee stop at Little River then up the hill and around the summit road. Down into in Okains bay for another coffee (care of the camp stove this time). Akaroa was the next stop and the sun was well and truly out by now. Time for a few refreshments and a relax by the bay and then we headed for home. A great afternoon out.
Really good to see some good numbers for the ride, new faces and some we haven't seen for a while. Thanks to Simon and Jim for their photo contributions


Monthly Ride - February
The last Sunday on February was a really good Canscoot ride out. We headed along the bottom of the hills then up Mt Pleasant rd, along the summit road, (through a gate up some narly gravel to the 360 degree trig station look out) back along the summit rd and Evans pass rd out to Godley head. We all went up the grass track and parked the bikes on the gun emplacement ( photos to come ). Then down into Sumner for a couple of beers.
A really nice afternoon riding, and great to see a few new faces as well.
Big Thanks to Dean for the photos and the vid.
Hope "Flip" has now got the hang of the new clutch on the mighty PX and the leg is healing up


Brent and Jason Flat tracking at Ellesmere - 17 Feb
Representing the Vespa out on the track, brillant stuff !!
The full size pic are available via link at the bottom right of each mid size photo.


The 2012 Canscoot Show Weekend Ride: 16-18 Nov
The 2012 the Show Weekend Ride was organized by Joe90. He put together a nice three day jaunt down to Mt Cook, out to Oamaru and back to CHC.


Mods and Rockers Winter Rumble 2012.
Yet another victory to the Mods. Here are a few photo's from this years Mods and Rockers Rumble, Thanks to Dean and Chalky for the snaps.
Mods and Rockers Winter Rumble 2011 - August 27th.
We are, we are, we are the mods!! Another victory to the Mods. A mighty fine afternoon was had with fun and games and old scoots and bikes. Dean has put together some words covering this years Mods and Rockers Rumble ... thanks Dean.
Click here is to read the short article. Click the photos above to see more of the afternoon.

The 2010 Canscoot Show Weekend Ride: 12-14 Nov
The 2010 annual Canscoot Show Weekend ride was organized by Mike Pascoe. The trip started in Rangiora and headed to Christchurch via Murchison and Blenheim. Some might say this is taking the long route, but it sounds pretty good to me!

Click on one of the photos above to check out Toby's photos of the weekend, it is a facebook page but you dont need to be a member to view the pics.

Mods and Rockers Ride -28 August 2010
This ride was organized by local the Triumph shop “Street and Sport”. The idea was for it to be open to all British Bikes Pre 1980 but including all new Bonneville machines from 2001 onwards (including America and Speedmaster) and open to all scooters except Japanese automatics.
The short notice meant the turn out wasn’t going to be as big as last year but a nice warm spring Saturday afternoon saw a bunch of us riding out to the Tai Tapu pub, then onto the Wheatsheaf Pub, around the harbour, thru Sumner and on to Brighton Beach for a Photo shoot.

Thanks to Toby and his flash iphone app for the images

Mad As a March Hare - West Coast ride: 5 - 7 March 2010
The three day trip stuck this year’s fine days down the West Coast (great planning Toby!) apart from a brief spell of rain from Jacksons to Hokitika it was fine, dry corners all the way around that brilliant southern loop through some of the best scenery in the world. Nice to have a few out of towners to join us as well.
If you weren’t there you missed a good one, enjoy the photos and make sure you are there for the next ride.
Show Weekend Ride '09: Nov 13-15
The '09 Trip saw us take in the sights of Reefton, the West Coast down to Hoki, and back over Arthurs.  
The Mods and Rockers Winter Rumble - August '09
Part One
Part Two
Local Triumph dealer "Street and Sport" held the first "Mods and Rockers Winter Rumble" on 22nd August. A great day with an excellent turnout from both camps. Fun and Games were had in the alley behind the shop with the Mods winning the shield, we then led a ride through town, out to New Brighton and then back to Poplar Lane for a well earned ale or two. Big thanks to all those who organized, ran, and participated in this new highlight to the Christchurch Two Wheeled calendar.
You can also find photos of the day here and here
All Blacks Vs Italy - July 09
We were invited to partisipate in the celebrations for the All Blacks Vs Italy test match. A collection of fine scoots welcomed rugby fans as they arrived at the stadium and they were also treated to a parade as we cirlced the actual pitch as part of the pre-match show.
Video footage is up on youtube and can be seen here:
The "How Fast can You Go Rally" in Tauranga: Feb 09
It took place in Tauranga on the weekend of 27 Feb to 1st March. A few of us hardy souls from Christchurch headed north, one way or another, for an wet but enjoyable weekend. The actual scooter side of the rally had a few changes from the original plans due to the weather on the Saturday but we managed to have a bit of fun anyway.
Mark and Chalky do the Molesworth: Feb 08
In Febuary Mark and Chalky headed off for a dirt road experience crossing the Molesworth. Click the picture to get the links for the video segments of the trip.
Last racing at Wigram: Feb 08
Feb 15th saw the last ever day of racing at Wigram Air field. Toby caught some of the Canscoot action on video. Click the picture above to see the fun.
WAI-KAI Rally: November 08
The 2008 rally known as the "WAI – KAI 08 SCOOT RALLY" was held on Canterbury Anniversary Weekend, the 14th, 15th and 16th November 
It was excellent to see so many people turning out and coming along, seeing old friends and making some new ones. Almost forty scooters on the ride. The links above will take you to the Rally page where you will find lots more photos.
Summit Rd out to Diamond Harbour: September 08
Another great Canterbury spring day saw a good turn out. There was still a bit of grit on the summit road, but the weather and the views more than made up for it. We went down Gebes pass and around the bays to Godley House for a beer in the sun. Then a great run back around to Lyttleton for a fine cuppa coffee to finish off the afternoon. 
Spring ride to Brooklands: August 08
    Video Clip   Video Clip  
Lyttleton - Festival of Lights: June 08
The Alleys of Town: May 08
Ride to Mt Somers: April 08
2008 National Scooter Rally -Turangi
National Classic Scooter Rally 2008
Le Bons bay: January 08
Le Bons   Le Bons   Le Bons  
Show Weekend Ride 2007
Show Weekend Ride 2007 photo   Show Weekend Ride 2007 photo   Show Weekend Ride 2007 photo  
ride dvd

Master film maker Toby has completed the movie covering the ride and 'proper copies' of the 07 Canscoot Show Weekend ride are now available.
The fee is a bottle of PINOT or $20. Email Toby or phone him on 0275 486 297 to arrange pickup / postage and get your copy of this piece of history.

Click here to open a pdf of Bruce's excellent account of the epic Show Weekend ride down south


27th May 07: Diamond Harbour
27th May 07   27th May 07   27th May 07  
Canscoot - Canterbury - New Zealand - 2008 -