The 2013 Canscoot Show Weekend Ride:
15-17 Nov


The Overview

Big thanks to Mike for putting together the plan for this years annual ride. We started in Lincoln and took the scenic route to Hanmer, where we stayed for a couple of nights. Day two was a trip loop over to the West coast to Reefton and back and then day three we head home, some directly some not so much.

The idea behind choosing this location was to offer the opportunity for people to join in for all 3 days, or just 1 or 2 of days.

There were plenty of options on all days depending on how much time you had, whether you love the gravel or need to avoid it, and a whole lot of in between. It was good to see people take advantage of these options and join in for various parts or all of the weekend. It was great to see Jim from the deep south and Baz and Matt from Wellington, thanks for coming boys, always good to see you again.


The Plan
Day One - Friday, 15th Nov

Day 1: Lincoln to Hanmer Springs, approx 320km
10.00 am Depart Lincoln for Hanmer Springs via ...

  • Oxford
  • Ashley Gorge Road to Loburn
  • Back road from Loburn to Waikari (includes approx. 30Km shingle thru the Pyramid Valley
  • (Alternative route for anyone who don’t want to do shingle is up the main road to Waikari)
  • Regroup at Waikari and take the road east to Greta Valley
  • Up SH 1 to the Hurunui River bridge then turn left and take backroad thru to Culverden includes approx 35km shingle
  • (alternative route for non-shingle, up SH1 to cheviot and via leader road to Waiau & Hanmer)

Overnight in Hanmer attendees to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Hanmer gets pretty busy at Show weekend so if you intend coming along maybe start to think about booking some accommadation. The Top 10 motor camp looks as good as any and its close to bars cafes and pubs, 800m away...all the other motor camps are a few K's outa town

Day Two - Saturday, 16th Nov

Day 2: West Coast loop and back to Hanmer, approx 375km

10am Depart Hanmer for a round trip ride to the West coast, route as follows:

  • Reefton
  • Inangahua
  • Springs Junction via upper buller gorge
  • Back to Hanmer
Overnight in Hanmer

Day Three - Sunday, 17th Nov

Day 3: Hanmer to Home, kms as many as you want!!
Heaps of options for heading home depending on your timeframe and need to avoid city life again.
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Straight back
  • Greta valley
  • Leader Valley
  • Inland route to Kaikoura
  • shingle route from Gore Bay to Motunau

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